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Price advantages

  • Competetive prices.
  • No extra charge for translation from Ukrainian or Russian into a foreign language. 
  • We offer discounts depending on the volume or quantity of documents. 
  • Free certification with the round seal (Translation Agency), translator's personal stamp and certified true translation stamp in Russian and English (German or French). 
  • Electronic copies of our translations are provided at no charge. 
  • All corporate customers are eligible to Progressive Volume Discount Program. 

Progressive volume discount program

The program includes a number of discount levels at the rate based on the aggregate amount of written translation provided by Lingo Translation Agency. The participation is open to any customer commissioning the Agency to translate any documents except for private/personal purposes. Having reached the aggregate amount of translation, required for a particular discount level, the customer will be issued the relevant discount card. 
The discount card issued to the Customer has a unique number and will be valid for an indefinite term.

Why 1,860 characters per page?

The price is set based on the amount of translation. The amount of translation may be measured in words or 1,000 words of the source text (such measurement unit is used, e.g., in US and UK) or number of characters in the translated text. 

The number of characters is measured in author's sheets (40,000 characters), lines or pages of the translated text, e.g., Germany 's DIN mandates that the amount of translation be measured in lines of 55 characters. 

In Ukraine , we have been using a line (62 characters) or a page (1,860 characters = 30 lines x 62 characters) to measure the amount of translation for quite long. A character is a letter, a digit, a punctuation mark, interword space (one space per word). The said measurement unit for the amount of translation is specified in the following documents:
1) Model Time Norms for Translation and Processing of Scientific and Technical Literature and Documents, National Center for Labor Productivity, Ministry of Labor of Ukraine . Kramatorsk , 1997.
2) STTU APU-001-2000 Qualification and Certification of Translators/Interpreters. General Requirements. Kyiv, 2000. 
3) STTU APU-002-2000 Translation and Interpreting Services. General Requirements and Rules. Kyiv, 2000.