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Apostille & Legalization

documents 1Notarization, apostille, legalization, and execution of police clearance certificates. Lingo Translation Agency provides notarization, apostilization, legalization of documents, execution of police clearance certificates.



Lingo Translation Agency provides notarization of translations and copies in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Notary.

Apostille and Legalization

Lingo Translation Agency provides apostilization and legalization of original documents, translations, and copies at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and Consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine.

Our company has extensive cooperation experience with the regional translation centers and agencies; we have worked with them for years. 
Our experts are always aware of special requirements of the embassies and able to provide accurate and reasonable explanations on faster and better document legalization, and will advise on how to handle any special situation.